Consumer Insights

Answer with Data

Understanding customers' real sentiments about your brand and product, identifying market gaps, measuring your employees' engagement levels and demystifying market trends.

We help you unearth 'the how', 'the why' and explore the possibilities of 'what next'.

Our depth of experience, robust operational structure and strength of international network allows us to conduct research across the African continent whilst maintaining our track record of producing quality and accurate data to support our partners’ decision making.

Data in Action

Partners and projects we have worked with

We provide services that include:

  • Opinion Surveys

  • Brand Health Tracking

  • Focus Group Engagements

  • Employee Engagement Surveys

  • In-depth Interviews

  • Mystery Shopping Exercises

  • Policy Analysis

  • Desk Research

  • And many more...

The Maverick Advantage...


Get insights on brand
and industry performance.


We offer our expertise to guide
interpretation of research results.


Receive specific points of view around risk areas, and next steps with tailored recommendations for improvement.

Case Studies

Client Need

A financial institution is seeking to measure client satisfaction with the customer service experience across its branches as it seeks to boost customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

Maverick Approach

A mystery shopping study is conducted to assess the quality-of-service delivery across all branches, identify underperforming branches and highlight strengths and risk areas.


Client needs to significantly improve all business KPIs especially for all frontline officers.

Client Need

A biscuit manufacturing company has developed a new variant for wafers with the aim of catering to the needs of wafer lovers and delivering a superior product experience for their consumers.

Maverick Approach

Conduct a Central Location Test for a sample size agreed upon by Maverick team and client. Test is conducted for size, thickness, colour, and taste. Products tested include client's proposed wafer and other wafers from established competition to determine consumer preferences on taste and pricing.


Recommendation is based on overall respondent feedback along the lines of pricing, increasing or decreasing size, and improving taste.

Client Need

A telecommunication device company seeks to understand how its brand is perceived on the market, the drivers of preference and how to leverage that for growth.

Maverick Approach

Quantitative and qualitative interviews using client-approved research instruments. Sample size is selected to cover specific locations that speak to the population and economic activities of the country in question to draw out relevant opinions from consumers.


The company should consider entering into other market segments in order to drive growth by appealing emotionally to its consumers thereby maximizing sales.